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2-way stereo/4-way mono


Active filters

  • Ram Audio ADM 24 - 19 DSP Controller"

    • Two Inputs and four Outputs: configurable as two way stereo and three or four way mono processor
    • 24 bits/96 kHz A/D and D/A converters
    • 32 bits floating point DSPs. 56 bits internal resolution
    • USB and EtherNet port conection to PC
    • 50 storing memories

    Input Configuration

    • Gain control
    • Delay Line: 0 to 20 meters
    • EQ: 29 full configuration filters per input (Parametric, Shelving, LowPass, HiPass, BandPass, StopBand, AllPass)

    Output Configuration

    • Free Routing
    • Output Delay: 0 to 7 meter
    • Crossovers: Up to 8th Order (48dB/Oct). Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley and Bessel
    • Output EQ: 9 full configuration filters (Parametric, Shelving, LowPass, HiPass, BandPass, StopBand, AllPass)
    • Gain, Mute and Phase inversion
    • RMS and Peak Compressor/Limiter with adjustable knee, which permits a progressive limitation threshold offering a more transparent effect when compared with conventional limiters. Absolutely distortion free Dynamics Control.
    • Noise Gate
    • Possibility to use the acoustic system parameters, magnitude and phase, and refer to the system's Total Electro-acoustic response so that you hear what you see"