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mic split


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  • Palmer PRMMS - Microphone Splitbox 4 Channel


    Passive splitter box for microphone signals. One module has 4 channels. Each channel has an input, an output wired in parallel for passthrough of phantom power, and two splitter transformer-isolated outputs. All outputs are also decoupled via resistors.

  • Palmer RMMS 8 - 8-Channel Microphone Splitter


    The PRMMS8 is an ultra low noise 8-channel microphone splitter providing a direct output and a transformer isolated output for each balanced XLR input. For extra flexibility, four front panel switches enable channel linking which permits routing a single input signal to multiple outputs feeding FOH, monitor, recording and broadcast mixing consoles, or merging two input signals into a single output. For use with condenser microphones, the direct outputs serve as a path for phantom power. Each channel includes a ground lift switch to eliminate hum and interference caused by ground loops between electronic equipment connected to the PRMMS8.

  • Palmer MS 02 - Dual Channel Microphone Splitter


    Palmer microphone splitters are used when a signal source has to be sent to multiple inputs. Palmer microphone splitters are used when a signal source has to be sent to multiple inputs. For example, if the microphone signal is to be sent simultaneously to the mixing desk in the hall, the in-house sound system, the monitor mixing desk on stage, and – if the event is broadcast live – to the outside broadcast van. This requires a 1 in 3" microphone splitter. Thanks to the use of generously dimensioned audio frequency transformers, the sound is not influenced, but ground loop hum is prevented. The PMS02 can also be used to convert unbalanced signals into balanced signals and vice versa.