Fog and Wind Machines

Fog Machine

Cameo PHANTOM F5 - 1500 W High Output Fog Machine with Two-Color Tank Illumination

The quick reaction time of the Cameo PHANTOM 5 fog machine means that you are always ready onstage - perfect for small rental companies, DJs and musicians. With a 1,500 watt heating element and an output volume of 509 m3/min, it creates very uniform fog after a warm-up time of only 4 minutes. A fog range of around 7 meters means that the Cameo PHANTOM F5...
Fog Machine

Cameo PHANTOM F3 - Fog Machine with 950 W Heating Output and Internally Illuminated...

Fantastic event effects need fog to be available at short notice; this fog machine meets that requirement. It is particularly suitable for rental firms, live events, clubs and musicians. The robust steel housing allows it to be used under tougher conditions and the mounting bracket can be used for either stationary fixing or as a carry handle. This fog...
wind machine

Cameo INSTANT AIR 2000 PRO - Wind Machine with Adjustable Fan Speed and Air Flow Direction

Adding touches of drama and dynamics to any event, the Cameo Instant Air 2000 Pro is a professional high velocity wind machine producing a powerful 56 m³ air flow per minute. It generates a wide range of wind effects from a gentle breeze to strong, heavy gusts sporting precision fan speed control in one percent increments and continuously adjustable air...
Fog Machine

Cameo INSTANT FOG 1700 T PRO - High Output 1,700 W Touring Fog Machine

Generating spectacular atmospheres and enhancing every light show, the Cameo INSTANT FOG 1700 T PRO is a high output touring fogger built into a rugged road case to meet the rigorous demands of professional applications. It is the perfect choice for live events, discotheques, theatres and on-camera use.Sporting a powerful 1,700 watt heating element and a...
Fog Machine

Cameo INSTANT FOG 1700 PRO - Professional 1,700 W Fog Machine

Generating spectacular atmospheres and enhancing every light show, Cameo's INSTANT FOG 1700 PRO is designed with the user in mind. This high output fog machine boasts an exclusive master-and-slave mode together with smart details that make operation a breeze. Sporting a powerful 1,700 watt heater and massive output of 24,720 cubic feet per minute, it...
Fog machine with LEDs

Cameo STEAM WIZARD 2000 - Fog Machine with RGBA LEDs for Coloured Fog Effects

Creating spectacular moods and effects is a real blast with the Cameo Steam Wizard 2000. It produces dense, even bursts of water-based fog with lengths of 7 metres that are simultaneously illuminated by 12 high-power 10 watt 4-in-1 LEDs for dramatic scenes and rich RGBA colours. With top and bottom placement options for the fluid tank, this high-velocity...
Fog machine with LEDs

Cameo STEAM WIZARD 1000 - Illuminated Vertical Fog Machine with 9 LEDs

Creating spectacular moods and effects is a real blast with the Cameo Steam Wizard 1000. Expanding the Steam Wizard series, this high-velocity vertical fog machine is the perfect choice for DJs, mobile entertainers and medium sized venues. It produces dense, even bursts of water-based fog with adjustable length up to 4 metres that are simultaneously...

Cameo INSTANT HAZER 1500 T PRO - Touring Hazer with Microprocessor Control

Ready for the road, the Instant Series Hazer 1500 T Pro comes in a tough and durable touring case. With a huge output capacity of 1020 m³ per minute, extremely short pre-heating time of 45 seconds only and whisper-quiet operation it is ideal for portable applications in TV and motion picture productions, fashion shows, live events and mobile...

Cameo INSTANT HAZER 1400 PRO - Hazer with Microprocessor Control

With a maximum output volume of 991 m³ per minute, an extremely short warm-up time of only 45 seconds and whisper-quiet operation, the Instant Hazer 1400 Pro from Cameo's Instant series is perfect for discos, live events, theatres, TV and film.The highly efficient micro-processor-controlled hazer features a durable evaporation tube made of austenitic...
wind machine

Cameo INSTANT AIR 1000 PRO - Wind Machine with variable Power and Directivity

The Instant Air 1000 Pro from the Cameo Instant series is a highly efficient wind machine for use in theatres, on catwalks, in films, clubs, discos, theme parks and live concerts. Thanks to a maximum air flow of 25.25 m³ per minute and a precise fan strength adjustable in one percent increments, it produces numerous effects from light breeze up to...
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