40 mm

40 mm

Adam Hall Hardware 87988 L - Spring-loaded Table Connecting Stud

This connector is mounted on the front of a lid. The spring-loaded stud is pressed and locked with the clip. Now the lid can be clicked with the protruding studs conveniently into the plates 87987 that were installed in the sides of the case. Releasing the clip locks the lid into the side of the case.In combination with a rack table leg set, this makes it...
40 mm

Adam Hall Hardware 87987 - Insert for 87988L Table-Connecting Stud

A rack (usually an effects rack standing next to or near to a mixing desk) has a removable front lid. The lid of the rack is to be used as a table top which can be set up next to the rack. A pair of folding legs are fitted inside the lid and a pair of 87988 studs to the opposite edge of the lid from the inside. Two round holes are made in the side of the...
40 mm

Adam Hall Hardware 87981 - Recessed Cup for 87983 Lashing Strap

Case Coupling System comprising recessed cups, which are mounted from the inside into the case wall and an adjustable strap with coupling hooks. A flexible system for strapping cases together when stacking or horizontally. Zinc plated steel parts and black nylon webbing strap.
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