mic & line split

Palmer PB 20 - Press Patch Box 20-Channel

A press patch box is a special audio signal splitter, which is developed for the specific requirements of a press conference. Via separate inputs, you can connect either a microphone or a line signal (mixer output). Also available as a stereo version (PPB20S) A high-quality input amplifier with balanced earth-free input allows for a level adjustment over...
mic split

Palmer PRMMS - Microphone Splitbox 4 Channel

Passive splitter box for microphone signals. One module has 4 channels. Each channel has an input, an output wired in parallel for passthrough of phantom power, and two splitter transformer-isolated outputs. All outputs are also decoupled via resistors.
line split

Palmer PRMLS - Line Splitbox 4 Channel

Designed to split line level signals, features similar to PRM-MS with the exception of decoupling resistors to obtain the lowest possible source impedance.
mic split

Palmer RMMS 8 - 8-Channel Microphone Splitter

The PRMMS8 is an ultra low noise 8-channel microphone splitter providing a direct output and a transformer isolated output for each balanced XLR input. For extra flexibility, four front panel switches enable channel linking which permits routing a single input signal to multiple outputs feeding FOH, monitor, recording and broadcast mixing consoles, or...
mic & line split

Palmer PB 20 S - Press Patch Box 10-Channel Stereo / 20-Channel Mono

A stereo version of the PPB20 is available in addition to the standard mono version. Instead of a microphone and line input, the stereo version is fitted with two line inputs. The first line input is distributed to the upper row of outputs (meaning the uneven channels), while the second line input is distributed to the even channels (meaning the lower row...
line split

Palmer PB 10 - Press Patch Box 10-Channel

The PPB10 is a compact version of the well known and established PPB20 from Palmer. The PPB10 is a 10 channel audio splitter for press conferences and other applications. On a transformer split basis, one line input is split out to ten outputs.All inputs and outputs are balanced transformer isolatedExtremely reliable: Should one output be shorted, the...
line split

Palmer LS 02 - Dual Channel Line Splitter

Palmer line splitters are used when a signal source must be sent to multiple inputs. For example, when one mixer output is supposed to supply signals to multiple power amplifiers in different rooms. Thanks to the use of generously dimensioned audio frequency transformers, the sound is not influenced, but ground loop hum is prevented. The PLS02 can also...

Palmer DMS - Dynamic Mic Switcher

The Palmer DMS (Dynamic Mic Switcher) routes a microphone signal to two footswitch-selectable outputs. The Palmer DMS is a passive unit for dynamic microphones only. The switch is instantaneous and is operated via a footswitch. The DMS provides a wide range of applications :Switch your vocal mic between the FOH and monitor mixing desks to communicate with...
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