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  • Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 200


    Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 200, DJ Controller with integrated USB audio interface, controls per deck: pressure sensitive 90 mm jog wheel, vinyl feeling, 4 pads in 4 modes (hot-cue, roll, FX, sampler), buttons for Loop In and Loop Out, main output on RCA (stereo), headphone output 3.5 mm mini jack (stereo), 24-Bit / 44.1 kHz audio resolution, Beatmatch-Guide, Intelligent Music Assist, DJ Software 40 ° Version 4, DJ Academy with complete built-in video tutorials and integrated interactive help, device controls DJ software on PC or notebook via USB 2.0 or higher and requires operating system 320 x 49 x 195 mm (L x H x D), weight 0.9 kg, package comprising of DJControl Inpulse 200, non-detachable USB cable, DJUCED 40 ° Version 4, warranty card

  • Novation Launchpad Mini MK2


    Compact Pad Controller
    64 Three-colored mini pads
    16 Buttons
    USB-bus powered
    Compatible with Mac, PC and iPad (camera connection kit is required-not included in delivery)
    Dimensions (W x D x H): 185 x 185 x 16 mm
    Weight: 428 g
    Incl. Ableton Live Lite software

  • DJControl Instinct Party Pack


    A unique set consisting of the DJControl Instinct S Series - an intuitive and ultracomplete controller - and a Party Light USB LED to brighten up your parties!
    All you need is your computer: Hercules deals with the rest.

  • Allen & Heath Xone PX5

    Xone: PX5

    Combining Xone's signature analog audio subscriber with class-leading digital connectivity, Xone: PX5 breathes life and soul into the performance of electronic music. Built-in FX technology delivers new levels of manipulation with our new Xone: Xcite FX package of delays, reverbs, modulators, flangers and performance-focused distortions that are all attributable through a simple hands-on control to adjust the FX and express the creativity of the DJ.

    Xone: PX5 is a 4 + 1 channel mixer, equipped with the legendary Xone filter, 3-band EQ on all channels and an intuitive layout.

    The versatile send / return feature that enables the connection of external FX hardware with the Send / Return and Main Insertion (Line or Hi-Z) connections equips Xone: PX5 for several enhanced configuration scenarios. Each channel has its own dedicated send control for external FX processing and can also be forwarded to the internal Xone: FX engine
  • Allen & Heath Xone 43


    4 analog channels
    DJ Mixer

    Built for DJs and electronic music purists, the Xone: 43 is a 4 + 1 channel DJ mixer that delivers the best analogue audio quality, including the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, 3-band EQ, three-way crossfader curve settings and X: FX to send / return to your favorite FX drive.

    The crossfader features three interchangeable curve settings for blending or scratching styles and can be easily replaced or upgraded to a custom Innofader for best crossfader performance.

    With balanced XLR main outputs, independent stand and record outputs, Xone: 43 excels in the club and in cutting-edge personal DJ configurations.

  • Allen & Heath Xone K2


    Xone: K2 is a compact, thin-line universal MIDI controller incorporating a 4-channel sound card for use with any DJ software.

    With at least 52 hardware controls that provide up to 171 MIDI commands in 3 layers - plus the ability to bind multiple units using X: LINK, saving USB ports on your computer - Xone: K2 has the power and flexibility to keep you in touch with the functions and characteristics of the chosen software.

    The quick and simple mapping allows you to create a unique layout that mirrors your style and puts the functions that matter at your fingertips, while 3 color lighting switches give you instant feedback - allowing you to work, however, you decide .

    The high quality internal sound card offers flexible user setup options using the Xone: K2 with headphones, headphones and a mixing system or with an external mixer. Xone: K2 comes packaged in a black padded box as standard. The case works as a stand, bringing the K2 up to the same height as most professional DJ mixers.

  • Allen & Heath Xone 23

    High Performance 2 + 2 Channel DJ Mixer

    Xone: 23 is a 2 + 2 channel DJ mixer with pro features that would normally be found at a top rated club booth, including an enhanced version of the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, VCA faders, 3-band total kill EQ, illuminated switches, crossfader curve selector and style inspired by Xone: DB4.
  • Allen&Heath

    DJ mixer 2 + 2 channels high performance

    Xone: 23 is a 2 + 2-channel DJ mixer with pro features that would normally be found on a top-rated club stand, including an upgraded version of the legendary Xone filter with resonance control, VCA faders, EQ bands, illuminated switches, crossfader curve selector and style inspired by the Xone: DB4.
  • Hercules P32 DJ


    A unique and multifunctional controller for DJs and performance

    With 2 decks, screens displaying loops sizes, racks effects, equalizers and more, Hercules P32 DJ is perfectly designed for blending.

    Add the two 16-cushion grids, sample packs built into the DJUCEDTM 40 °, the intelligent sliding and quantization functions ... and you have a package with all the perks to performance.

    No compromises - The Hercules P32 DJ represents the optimization of 2 worlds of DJing in a single single controller.

    The Emotion of Instant Creative Mixing: Play. Remix. Run.

    The perfect combination of body and spirit.

    Hercules P32 DJ features 32 ergonomic and responsive cushions for precise performance and high quality feel.

    The intelligence of the DJUCEDTM 40 ° DJing software allows you to keep the pace and structure of the bands intact, no matter what you are doing.

    All the features to mix and remix are at your fingertips.

    Your only task: focus on the fun of creating.

    Develop your presence on stage

    Being a DJ is much more than just technical skills and creating a playlist: it also involves your ability to put on a show.

    Hercules P32 DJ allows you to develop your signature sound, and your visual presentation.

    The combination of cushions, dynamic backlighting and sample packages helps you refine your identity as a DJ.


    DJUCEDTM 40 ° (PC / MAC)

    Complete and intuitive professional DJing software included


    The Traktor mapping file is available for download from the Hercules website.

    Hercules P32 DJ is also compatible with all DJing software open to MIDI mapping, such as

    Virtual DJ, Cross DJ, DJAY, etc. (not included)


    Finger Drumming with music production software such as:

    Ableton Live, Garage Band, Bitwig Studio, Melodics, etc.



    Technical specifications

    DJ controller with two mixing platforms

    - Built-in audio (mix + output preview)

    - Two grids of 16 performance pads

    Software included:

    DJUCEDTM 40 ° for Mac® / PC



    Hercules P32 DJ

    Printed Quick Start Guide

    USB cable



    System specifications

    DJUCEDTM 40 ° PC / MAC

    • 2 GHz CPU or higher

    • 2GB of RAM or more

    • Windows 7 and above (32 and 64 bit)

    • Mac OS X 10.8 and higher (32 and 64 bit)

    Download DJUCEDTM 40 °

    The optional drivers are available for download from the Hercules website.

    (ASIO and product firmware update)