Foam Materials

Foam Materials

Adam Hall Hardware 019870 - Acoustic Foam 70 mm

Acoustic foam made of melamine resin for sound absorption, 1000x1000mmExcellent sound absorption levels in the multi-frequency range70 mm pyramid foam (40 mm base material / 30 mm pyramid content)Clean and easy cutting possible with a sharp cutting toolB1 - hardly inflammable according to DIN 4101
Foam Materials

Adam Hall Hardware 019450 - Eggbox Foam grey 50 mm

Versatile foam with dimple structure made of polyurethane foam. The dimpled foam material is easy to process and can be cut as needed. Adam Hall spray adhesive 01360, among other adhesives, can be used to attach the foam. Slight color deviations are possible due to the production tolerances during manufacturing.
Foam Materials

Adam Hall Hardware 019430 - Eggbox Foam grey 30 mm

This foam can e.g. in combination with the spray adhesive 01360 can be used. By manufacturing tolerances in the production slight color deviations are possible. Versatile foam with nub structure made of flexible polyurethane foam. The pimpled foam is easy to work with.
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