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  • Korg Pa4X 61


    The Korg Pa600 is an affordable, compact and powerful addition to the internationally acclaimed Pa series of Korg. Providing the most current collection of quality sounds and styles, the korg pa 600 keyboard is the perfect partner for composition and performance. The instrument even allows for clusters of sounds and performance (marketed separately) from all over the world.

    The Korg PA-600 is a brilliant professional arranger that distills the essence and functionality of the Pa series into a new, compact and affordable instrument. Like its 'older siblings' - the Pa800 and the Pa3X - the Pa600 uses RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) technologies to provide unprecedented sound quality in an arranger keyboard. With its new compact chassis, large TouchView color TFT display, huge factory and user memory, huge database of styles, and excellent amplification system, Korg brings again the standards of excellence for instruments of this class.

  • Korg PA-1000


    Korg PA-1000

    Keyboard: 61 semi-weighted keys (C2 - C7) with speed and aftertouch

    System: Upgradable system, Multitasking, Charges while playing

    EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - eXpanded)

    Filters with resonance, 3-band EQ on each sound

    Polyphony: 128 voices, 128 oscillators

    Accompaniment / Music: 2 effects insert; 2 master effects (148 types) - keyboard sounds: 1 insert effect; 2 master effects (148 types)

    Final Mastering Effects: Limiter, Master EQ

    EQ, Compressor, Gate, 3-voice (or dual) Harmonizer, 2 x FX

    Harmonizer, Double: TC technology • Helicon®

    Default: More than 30 factory, 64 Users-Guitar processor: 3 x FX.

    Default: 45 Factory, 64 User

  • Korg PA600


    Korg PA600

    Sound mechanisms Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control), that improved realism and vivid sound

    Internal PCM mass memory, which provides an extraordinary library of waveforms, high-quality children

    Two programmed keys and a full-stranded rest watch for all levels of sound articulation (DNC)

    Two versions of the Pa600 are available: International and Quarter Tone. Both feature a compact and elegantly designed chassis, including a crystalline amplification system

    TFT wide, bright and colorful TFT display

    Intuitive graphical interface with easy drawing, presenting a new Search function for retrieval of any file or musical resource

    New selection features with copy / paste functions (copy / paste), rename (re-name) and delete (delete)

    More than 360 styles of plants, each of them three Entries / endings, four Variations and four Fill In + Break, plus ten Favorite and three banks

    More Guitars, Guitars, Guitars, Guitar, Guitars

    Function chord sequencer that allows any chord progression during a performance

    Improved MIDI General Set for standard MIDI Files, compatibility with popular Lyrics formats (including), including Chart (+ G), plus Text Viewer, Marker, and Punctuation

    Interfaces MP3 Player Transpose and Time Change

    4 Stereo Master Effects (125 negative effects)

    SongBook database is programmable, based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, and MP3, with instant call of any setting of songs and marked by the user

    Sounds and Styles are relevant for all Pa600 and Pa600QT countries and regions (marketed)

    Includes DVDUS with USB-MIDI drivers, video manual and additional Style code, including the "Real Drums" and "Turkish / Arabic World"

  • Korg PA300


    Korg PA300 with 61 speed-sensitive keys Multi-tasking with function for loading files while playing 128 voices 128 Oscillators Filters with resonance 3-band equalizer for each band Improved RX sound engine factory-built P | CM equivalent to sales success Pa600 Stylish design Compact plastic enclosure including amplifier system TFT color 5 "TouchView display Over 310 factory styles, each includes: 3 Inters / Endings, 4 Variations & 4 Fill In + Break, plus 8 Favorites & 3 user bands to store your favorite styles Improved guitar mode provides even more realistic guitar parts Improved GM set for standard MIDI files MP3 player with Transpose & tempo change Compatible with popular letter formats including + G, Text Viewer & Score 4 Stereo master effects (125 FX algorithm) Fully programmable database USB-MIDI Interface USB Pen Sa the headphone: stereo jack unbalanced Dimensions (L) x 1,030mm (P) x 378.3mm (A) 127mm weight: 8.35kg