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Pianos Acústicos


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  • Kawai CA-78 W


    Keyboard with Grand Feel II Action, 88 wooden keys coated with ivory imitation, black keys with ebony feel, triple key detection sensor

    Grand Feel Pedal system, mute, a string and sostenuto

    Piano sounds in piano mode: SK-EX Rendering, 88 key multi channel sampling, SK-EX recording; Sound mode: Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL) 88 key stereo sampling, SK-EX, SK-5, EX recording

    Polyphony with a maximum of 256 notes

    Piano resonance in pianist mode: resonance modeling, damper resonance, string resonance, undamped string resonance, aliquot resonance. In sound mode: acoustic rendering, damper resonance, string resonance, undamped string resonance, cabinet resonance

    Piano adjusters: virtual technician, touch curve, user touch curve, voicing, 88 key user voicing, damper resonance, damper noise, string resonance, undamped string resonance, cabinet resonance, key-off effect, fall-back noise, hammer delay, topboard simulation, decay time, minimum touch, stretch tuning, 88 key user tuning, temperament, user temperament, temperament key, key volume, 88 key user key volume, half-pedal adjust, soft pedal depth or Virtual technician smart mode with 10 presets

    10 types of reverb ambience in pianist mode, 6 types of reverb in sound mode

    24 types of effects

    Loudspeakers: 13 cm x 2 (woofers), 8 x 12 cm x 2 (top speakers), 5 cm x 2 (tweeters), 100W (50W x2) of power

    Headphone strengthening: discreet spectramodule headphone amplifier, spatial sound, headphone type, headphone amplifier

    LCD touch screen (480 x 800 pixels)

    Sliding top

    Includes Dual, Split, Four Hands, Transpose, Tuning and Favorite functions

    37 demo songs, 29 or 42 songs (depending on location), 179 magic concert songs, 13 lesson songs

    Internal recorder with a total memory of approximately 10 min per song in pianist mode and 90,000 notes in sound mode

    Records a maximum of 3 songs in pianist mode or 10 songs in sound mode

    Metronome with 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8 and 100 drum rhythms

    Includes Bluetooth ver. 4.1; GATT compatible, Bluetooth Low energy MIDI Specification compliant, Bluetooth Audio

    Audio recording function via USB for recording or playback in MP3, WAV and SMF formats, also for Overdubbing and Line In recording

    Equipped with 1 x 1/4 ", 1 x 1/8" stereo input for headphones, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, Line Out (1/4 "L / MONO, R [unbalanced]), Line In (1/8 "Stereo (with button to adjust the volume)

    [unbalanced]), USB to host and USB to Device

    50W power consumption

    With headphone support

    Length: 145.5 cm

    Height: 92.5 cm

    Width: 45.5 cm

  • Kawai K-200 ATX 3 E/P


    With AnytimeX-3 equipment

    Millennium III mechanics with ABS carbon parts of incomparable stability and resistance

    Mahogany hammer core

    Hammer heads with sub-felt

    100 cm music stand

    Button closing slowly

    88 Keys

    3 pedals

    Dimensions (H x W x D): 114 x 149 x 57 cm

    Weight: 208 kg

    Surface: polished black

  • kawai k-15 wh



    Height - 110 cm

    Width - 149cm

    Depth - 59cm



  • kawai k-15 e/p atx II



    Height - 110 cm

    Width - 149cm

    Depth - 59cm



  • kawai k-300 e/p



    Height - 122 cm

    Width - 149cm

    Depth - 61cm

    Weight - 227Kg

  • kawai k.300 e/p atx II



    Height - 122 cm

    Width - 149cm

    Depth - 61cm



  • kawai nd-21


    Dimensions Height - 121 cm

    Width - 150cm

    Depth - 58cm

    Weight: 215Kg

  • Piano Kawai K-15E/P


    Dimensions in cm (HxWxD) 110 x 149 x 59 weight in kg 196black polished surfaces