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  • Adam Hall Cables 70224 - Rugged, lightweight professional cable drum


    The AH 70224 cable drum is made of shatter-proof, environmentally friendly plastic and ensures regular, professional transport and storage of cables of all kinds. The sturdy, smooth-running design with ergonomic handle is equipped with a removable cable guide and parking brake and weighs only 1.2 kg.

  • Adam Hall Cables 70225 - Rugged, lightweight professional cable drum


    The AH 70225 cable drum is made of shatter-proof, environmentally friendly plastic and ensures regular, professional transport and storage of cables of all kinds. The sturdy, smooth-running design with ergonomic handle is equipped with a removable cable guide and parking brake and weighs only 1.8 kg.

    A protective and transport bag (70225COVER) is optionally available as a useful accessory.

  • Ram Audio DSP 22 WE - Ethernet Module for RAMDSP22W


    The EtheRAM™ II module provides control and monotoring of a group of installed power amplifiers. It is connected to a standard Ethernet network and compatible with Crestron® and AMX® control systems as well as Stardraw Control® software.

  • Palmer LI 05 - Line Isolation Box 2 Channel


    Balanced or unbalanced? That’s not a problem with the BALUN/PLI05. BALUN stands for balanced-unbalanced. This means that because the PLI05 uses TRS (stereo) jack sockets, both the input and output can be operated balanced or unbalanced. The PLI05 is the PLI02’s little sister. Both speakers can be used to convert from balanced to unbalanced. Both speakers include line isolation transformers for galvanic isolation. They are connected between mains-operated audio devices to prevent ground loop hum. The PLI02 is designed for using XLR connectors and built for low impedances (600 ohm). In contrast, the use of jack sockets means that the PLI05 is better suited to higher impedances. It can be operated in the broad range of 600 ohm to over 10 kilo ohm. However, in order to minimise level loss, the input impedance should not be lower than the output impedance.

  • Palmer MONICON® L - Passive Monitor Controller


    The Palmer Monicon® L is a precise, analogue volume control that connects between a computer or audio interface and active monitor speakers. The switch is completely passive and distortion-free, the LED displays and built-in headphone amplifier are powered via the included power supply.

    Symmetric combo sockets serve as stereo input. The Monicon® L’s AUX input features RCA sockets and a 3.5 mm stereo jack. The compact console offers outputs for two monitor pairs and a mono summed output via XLR sockets. The stereo or AUX input can be selected alternately, the two outputs individually and together. In addition to its large volume controller, the Monicon® L is also equipped with mono, mute and PFL switches, a 6.35 mm headphone output, and separate AUX and headphone controllers for convenient operation.

  • Palmer LI 04 USB - 2-Channel USB DI Box and Line Isolator


    Providing compatibility between computers and professional equipment, the PLI04USB is a dedicated interface to feed unbalanced stereo audio from USB ports to balanced mic inputs of mixing consoles. Supporting 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz sample rates it provides high quality digital-to-analog conversion with 24-bit resolution. Signal output is transformer balanced on standard wiring male XLR connectors with individual isolating switches for the left and right channels.

    Featuring a mono summing switch, the unit effectively doubles as a signal splitter to route the mono signal into separate audio systems. In addition, the PLI04USB features a headphones output with level control for convenient monitoring and a ground lift.

  • Palmer LI 04 - Media DI Box 2-Channel for PC and Laptop


    PRO MEDIA DI/ PLI-04. With the new PRO MEDIA DI/ PLI-04, Palmer introduces a DI-box, produced with the discerning needs of the computer-age media in mind. Using this uncomplicated method, personal computers and other consumer equipment with unbalanced outputs can be converted to balanced, in order to carry out, e.g., a presentation over a professional PA system. The PLI-04 accommodates all the common input types, TRS jacks accepting mono or stereo plugs, RCA phono sockets and a 3.5mm stereo jack input for use with the headphone output of a Laptop or similar device. The outputs are conventional transformer balanced XLR sockets, as used in professional PA systems, guaranteeing an electrically decoupled signal, a prerequisite to ensure noise-free operation. One other special feature which should not be forgotten! Although the PLI-04 is primarily a stereo unit, it can be switched to mono, with the two stereo signals summed and fed to both XLR outputs. The PLI-04 manifests a mechanically robust unit combined with outstanding technical specifications, adding to the list of high quality products that have come to be expected from Palmer.

  • Palmer LI 03 - Line Isolation Box 2 Channel


    Two-channel isolation transformer (line isolator). With cinch (RCA) inputs and outputs, especially designed for connection to notebooks, sound cards, hifi systems, etc. The PLI03 eliminates ground loops and interference signals that can be caused by the computer, for example.

  • Palmer LI 02 - Line Isolation Box 2 Channel


    Two-channel isolation transformer (line isolator). Neutrik combination socket input (XLR & jack socket) and XLR output. The PLI02 also has a ground-lift switch. Especially suitable for eliminating ground loops that cause hum. Conversion from unbalanced to balanced is possible. 600 ohm version can handle levels up to +20 dBu.

    Professional dual channel line isolating unit for stage and studio use. A unique Neutrik input connector accepts both male XLR and jack plugs. The PLI-02 easily converts unbalanced outputs into balanced ones. It may also be used to transformer balance electronically balanced inputs and outputs.

  • Palmer MI PLB 2 X 8 - Dual Loadbox 2 x 8 Ohms


    The Palmer PLB2X8 is a dual-channel, strictly reactive load (load box). A load box is a substitute for a speaker. It ensures that tube amps are connected to the correct load on the output, thus eliminating the risk of amplifier damage.

    The PLB2X8 is a perfect addition to speaker simulators that do not have a built-in load (load box) (for example: PDI09, PGA05 and PDI05).

    The PLB2X8 is also useful in conjunction with guitar amps that have a line out or filter out connection. In this case, the PLB2X8 permits silent operation of the amplifier with simultaneous use of the line/filter output.

  • Palmer CAB M - Passive Cabinet Merger


    The concept behind Palmer's Cab Merger may be very simple, but the unit fills an important gap! Have you ever wanted to connect two guitar cabinets to just one amplifier output? It's quite simple with the PCABM!

    In addition, you can choose parallel or series wiring. For instance, two 8 ohm cabinets can be connected for a total load of 4 ohms (parallel) or 16 ohms (in series). The device is entirely passive and does not affect tone in any way.

  • Neutrik NE8FF - etherCON RJ45 Feedthrough Coupler for Cable Extensions


    etherCON RJ45 feedthrough coupler for cable extensions

    • Accommodates NE8MC* or any standard RJ45 plug
    • The adapter offers the approved latch lock system
    • The D shape adapters are problem solvers for various intermating problems for professional and semi-professional applications